Tense New Thriller AFTER THE END Premieres On Demand; Digital and DVD

AFTER THE END COVER - Tense New Thriller AFTER THE END Premieres On Demand; Digital and DVD

After all of us have experienced this pandemic for over a year now. It tends to blur the lines of reality and horror. Making the thought of a cataclysmic event all that more terrifying. What once seemed like fantasy. Experienced through the lens of a projector; from the safety of the theater. Suddenly seems frighteningly real.

After The End is a film told through the eyes of people surviving a decaying world of a global pandemic. A film that offers hope for the human experience when the world has gone mad.

Originally titled I’m OK. After The End premiered at the Bare Bones Film Festival in April, 2017.
AFTER THE END 1 - Tense New Thriller AFTER THE END Premieres On Demand; Digital and DVD

Directed by Ron Hanks. Written by Joshua Scher; based on his novel of the same name. The film stars Alex Frnka (The Axe Murders Of Villisca), Justin Dwayne Hall (Jeepers Creepers 3), Dot-Marie Jones (The Boondock Saints) and Kevin E. West (Social Nightmare)

Synopsis: After years on his own in a post-pandemic Oklahoma, a 17 year-old doomsday prepper meets a pregnant girl who brings companionship, but also the danger of a gun-wielding group of survivors hellbent on building a new world.


“Director Ron Hanks blows up the fantasy post-pandemic journey, reigniting our collective conversation on how to survive”. — The Drill Mag

Experience for yourself this post pandemic thriller and remember that we may well survive this one. But the next one is right around the corner. If you have any thoughts and would like to continue the conversation, you can leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. You can now find Dread Central on Google News or you can carry on the vibe with me personally on Twitter @psychobillychef!
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